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My Love Of The Circus

In photo on February 21, 2008 at 12:24 pm

I never really wanted to run away with the circus when I was a kid. I think my town was too small to get the proper circus exposure in my blood. And by the time I was older, circuses and fairs started to look sadder than they were ever intended to. Slipshod to the point that you’re nervous about the ferris wheel and think that the Ring of Death may actually be from a newspaper article from the future rather than just a colorful name.

I’ve still remained fascinated by their blatant contradiction though. All florescent and smiley in the big ring and drug-addled and alcohol-slurred behind the curtains. Until I’m invited backstage, I’ll be obsessed with taking pictures of the front of the house. Here are a few of them that I’ve taken while on various trips around the world….

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