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about me

When I first started this career, I didn’t know much about marketing or advertising. I just wanted to have a job that would hold my relatively short attention span, someplace where I could think for a living and be constantly exposed to new things, people and ideas.  Little did I know what I was asking for at the time…

Pairing consulting with a hybrid of market research, ethnography and journalism, I’ve spent my career traveling around the world having conversations with consumers as they’ve watched television, gone shopping, played sports and decided which bills they can afford to pay. In essence, doing whatever I can to see the world through their eyes.

I’ve undertaken this work for big players like Microsoft, Wal-Mart and Condé Nast right down through the smallest of start-ups. And, in doing so, I’ve done everything from hopping flights into African villages to walking down to my corner supermarket.

I most recently served as President of TATTOO Brand Strategy. and  prior to that, as SVP of Brand Transformation for Sterling Brands.  I’m currently working with Evo Research and Consulting in New York City. I can be reached at

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