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I think Tina Fey is still more qualified to be President.

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Watching these videos makes me cringe…

hat tip to The Huffington Post

Debbie has another good (not good) one over on her blog.

Do you have a personal bank?

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It may be more reliable than a Whoo Hoo moment…

Why yes, Scottrade, I am crazy!

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Picture 9

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Digital ads are the wave of the future and here to stay. But there are still problems with placement and the ability to actively manage them when they are completely out of touch with what it happening with active content.

As an example, I’ve attached a link to a Scottrade ad that asks if I’m feeling great about the market.  The market is down 600. The answer is not so much.

I learned it from the movies.

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It’s interesting think about how movies have influenced our perceptions of how life should be. Television has had its moments but it’s movies that have always been so much grander and more visceral. They’ve taught us how to fight fair (or not), how to win the girl, how to triumph over obstacles. Of course our deep knowledge of movies has also taught us that things never quite work out like they do in the movies. Speaking of which, where is my soundtrack?

A post over at the NYT ideas blog and the National Post got this thought train going.

Make yourself comfortable…but not that comfortable.

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Griffin pointed out this ad for Extended Stay hotels which stinks.  Or blows. Or, nevermind, just watch it.  I’m really quite concerned for whoever the ex-CMO (or soon to be ex-CMO) there is.  I completely get the strategy but it might be the worst execution of the strategy I’ve ever seen.  Would you want to stay in that room? Even if you had all the airfreshners in the world?

Well shucks, I feel better now.

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Michael Douglas

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It’s good to know that our government continues to focus on the serious issue of the credit crisis and lending of our banks. Today Mr. Gordon Gekko was asked by reporters about the financial markets upon leaving the U.N.

By the way, if you are a reporter, and all you report on is other reporters, are you still a reporter?  Serious question…

from Yahoo! News.

Because I’m not sure I deserve health insurance….

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Who Cares That They Have Seinfeld…The Story is Gates.

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The Interweb is abuzz about the new Jerry Seinfeld Microsoft ads.  Crispin has been working on these for awhile and there was much talk about how odd of a choice Jerry Seinfeld was and how it simply showed that they were are out touch as a company. Having worked with them for a couple of years I’ll say that to criticize Jerry Seinfeld is missing the point entirely.

The spots to date aren’t about Seinfeld, they are about Gates.  To me they are working to humanize Gates, Microsoft and deflect the goliath label they have been afixed with. All while pointing out that the future may well be created by those who have brought us here to date.  Yes Google has done some amazing stuff in a short period of time, but if we look at what Microsoft has pioneered it’s pretty incredible.

Yes, this was actually in the room at the Trump Hotel in Chicago

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Bling Bling Sparkling Water

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And yes, it’s sparkling. And yes, it was $20 a bottle.

Badvertising: Ortega, Fire Your Son and Hire an Agency

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