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Alert: The History Channel Has Run Out of History

In Brands, communications, Consumers, marketing, strategy on April 29, 2008 at 2:18 pm

The History Channel has run out of history. It’s a shame because, like oil, there seemed to be so much of it last time I checked. But alas, it’s true. Napoleonic wars, done it. King Tut, done it nine times. Lindberg, Anne Frank, George Washington, you name it, done it. Which explains their new move toward old growth trees and the reality show Axe Men.

Hypothetical meeting conversation:

“Why not stop covering history and start predicting it? We all know that trees are going to be history so let’s preempt it!”

“Let’s give that man a raise! Brilliant!”

“And we can compete against Discovery and Deadliest Catch. Logging is dangerous too! And not just to the trees!”

Be Anyone – Las Vegas edition

In advertising, agency, Brands, communications, marketing, strategy on November 15, 2007 at 4:42 pm

las_vegas_logo1.gifIn true Las Vegas fashion, the Convention and Visitors Authority has launched the “Be Anyone” website. Here, visitors can create new identities (feeling especially “stylish” and “smooth” today, I’m apparently best suited as Angus, an underwear model from Kansas City) by dialing up or down a range of characteristics. Once complete, you can study up on your alter ego’s bio, wardrobe and lingo so you feel comfortable walking around in their designer knockoffs for the weekend. Print and hand out business cards displaying your new name, city, occupation, website and 800 number. Whatever happens in Vegas is now Angus’s business.