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We are still a nation divided

In Uncategorized on November 4, 2008 at 7:51 pm

6th Grade Student’s American Flag
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I flew back to SF to vote and then on to DC today. Sitting in the Crown Plaza in Bethesda it is amply apparent that we are still a nation divided despite an apparent sweep by the Democrats.

It was spurned on by a loud group of conservatives in the hotel bar that truly made me feel for the first time in my life like actually having a fist fight. Considering that I have a presentation in the morning I’m glad I didn’t but the amount of vitriol spilling forth was shocking. Not only was it loudly and blatantly racist it but it shattered by perception that the campaign process and election had actually changed things in America on a broad scale.

Then when I stopped watching the horse race and actually started looking at the results I was abruptly reminded that it is only a few thousand in each state either way.

Toward the end of the campaign myself as well as many others derided the undecideds because we couldn’t understand who they were. Who could be undecided after this sort of campaign? We were all firmly on one side or another and couldn’t really understand how someone else couldn’t be…especially someone that we thought was like us.

Well, it is just a reminder that there are lots of people who are like us and many who don’t share our perspectives. No matter who we are. To truly build a country again we will need to come together on some of these major issues and start to rebuild.

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