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Wine and Art

In Brands, communications, marketing on November 1, 2008 at 1:41 pm


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Wine labels are really rather boring as a design class. There is so much competition in the wine aisle and it seems most companies employ either an old, historic (confidence building) label or they put an animal on it. I don’t know what it is about all these drunk animals but it seems like we should probably release them back to their natural habitats.

Enter Betts & Scholl, a winery that I don’t really know much about except that they appear to be négociants who buy juice from other folks and sell it under their own label.

What I like about them is their art. My friend Sarah Endline has been doing this with her chocolate company Sweetriot as well and I like the approach. You find some great artists who are willing to take on a project either for love or money and suddenly your product becomes a bit classier. You certainly look better bringing it to a dinner party and you support an artist while you’re at it.

Seems like there might be a business here in creating an artist consortium to take on this sort of work…of course that is sort of called a design studio huh…

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