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Work vs. Inspiration

In Uncategorized on July 22, 2008 at 12:24 pm


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Faithful readers, I appreciate you coming back day after day to see that I haven’t posted anything new. It’s endearing and I’ll buy you a drink next time we meet. Work seems to be on overdrive these last few weeks and it’s killing my inspiration.

Which brings me to the strange intersection of working and blogging. I’ve been slammed with client work and learning all sorts of interesting things about the brands and categories that I’ve been working in. Of course I’ve also signed the necessary NDAs which make writing about those things punishable by death.

So while I’m learning all sorts of fascinating things that I’d love to share with you, I can’t. And frankly I’m heads down to the point that I’m not scanning the world as much as I’d like for the other new things that are happening around me. I’m sure this happens to other consultants but I also think that it diminishes the very value that consultants can provide — the outside perspective of the world doesn’t revolve around the clients products/services/experiences.

So I’m going to make an active effort to be a better blogger and consultant and get back to the scanning and sideways view of the world. Until then, hang in there.

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