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Keep On Truckin’

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Sunday’s New York Times broke the Lone Star, the new 18-wheeler from NaviStar and the latest product category to bring design to the forefront as a competitive advantage. Not only does it look great, taking vintage styling from the 1930’s D Series trucks, but I dare say it also brings a little bit of Airstream comfort to the road in an effort to lure a new generation of truckers who buy their hats from Diesel rather than the truck stop.

“The LoneStar is distinctive, looking like no other truck on the road. It eschews the boxy, mechanical look of older trucks in favor of the glint and gleam of prewar Packards and Lincolns. Borrowing design elements from the D-Series truck from the 1930s, the Lone Star expresses style and pizazz with its sharply angled gleaming prow and the four orange lights along the side of the hood that hover like juggled balls in midair. Running lamps lend a carnival wagon flamboyance. There is also lots of bling: tall twin exhaust stacks are chromed and the wheel skirts are stainless steel.”

  1. Thanks for the great post about our new truck, the LoneStar. You can see even more images and tell us more about what you think at The team at International

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