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Crispin and Burger King Think Everyone is in on the Joke

In advertising, agency, Brands, communications, marketing on February 26, 2008 at 9:48 am

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That’s really the only way I can explain this billboard that I saw today in NY. The text reads, “Silly Whopper That’s a Big Mac Box.” Obviously a follow up to their WhopperFreakout work, but last I checked the campaign isn’t on the top of everyone’s minds and people have better things to do than recall campaigns and try to link them together.

I enjoyed the strategy and execution behind the original work but I think this overestimates the power and reach of the campaign and only serves to remind customers that there are alternatives to the Whopper.

  1. Couldn’t the billboard be speaking about the size of the Whopper over the smaller sized Big Mac? I didn’t see the connection between the freak out campaign and this billboard, instead I saw a singular strategy that was linked to this singular creative message.

  2. Perhaps…although I took it as a continued display of Whopper’s identity crisis. First confusing those who ask for it in store and then getting confused itself. Frankly I think that it may need some counseling.

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