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San Pellegrino Package Design

In Brands, Design, innovation on February 15, 2008 at 3:09 pm


Originally uploaded by distillerymedia

When I was last in Italy I managed to take a bad picture of a good package redesign. San Pellegrino accomplished a couple of things with this one.

In retail shops that have a cooler under the bar the packaging is gorgeous and looks like it does in the picture. By branding the top of the can it is easier to see and identify when the product is laying on its side, and actually makes it your first choice since it is the product that you see first. To see other options you have to crouch down to look in the cooler.

Secondly, the top metal seal pulls off to reveal a normal ring tab which successfully makes the whole product feel fresher and more juice-like instead of like flavored water.

Not sure of the design agency on this one, but I do like the work.

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