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Embracing Failure

In Uncategorized on February 8, 2008 at 9:41 am

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While in Italy for an ideation last week, we did a group exercise that examined our individual fears. As we went around the group, one fear came up again and again: the fear of failure.

We are all prone to fail, but few of us are ever able to create a place safe enough to admit the fear of failing, or harder still, admit past failures. As a manager, I see this most often with young employees who want to sweep their failures under the rug before anyone notices them. Although, in truth, I’m equally guilty of celebrating my successes rather than my failures. It comes down to how we want to be perceived. We are always afraid that moments of weakness will come to define us in the eyes of others.

I think Fridays are a good day to reflect on the week. To put down on paper all the successes we’ve had in the past week and then all the failures. Not to self-justify them or put them on other people, but rather to own up to things that, had we done them better, would have lead to a different outcome.

After that you should go over to The Fail Blog and realize that your life isn’t so bad.

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