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Democrats Are Smarter Than Republicans

In Uncategorized on January 24, 2008 at 5:02 pm

Clinton(Democrats are sexy)
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I discovered an interesting little widget on my travels around the blogosphere yesterday: The Blog Readability Test. Type in your blog’s url and presto! It gives you a nifty little digi-sticker with your blog’s reading level on it. But it gets better– it works on regular websites too! Since I’m a nerd I looked up presidential candidates’ websites straight away. This is what I found…

DEMOCRATS: – College, Post Grad – Genius – Jr. High School*

REPUBLICANS: – High School – Elementary School – Genius** – High School – High School

When reading these results, keep in mind that half of America is below average at everything, always.

*which may explain the crying. Junior High can be a nightmare.

**if you hate evolution

  1. Democrats are wusses, and tax maniacs.

  2. But…are we in a financial crisis or are we spending two billion a year in the Middle East? Oh, that’s right, both. At least Huckabee is smart enough to figure out that the tax rebate checks are being paid in Chinese currency.

  3. It is clear that Republicans are smarter than Democrats. For definitive proof see chapter 2 in Joe Fried’s book, “Democrats and Republicans – Rhetoric and Reality” (Algora 2008). Interviewers for the National Election Studies rate the “apparent intelligence” of every person they interview. The difference in results between Demos and Reps is stark. It is not even a contest. The book is on Amazon, I think.

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