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A Monster Problem

In advertising, agency, Branding, communications, marketing, strategy on January 18, 2008 at 5:00 pm

The job board Monster has launched another campaign by BBDO designed to encourage us all to jump ship and go find another job. I’m impressed (read: disappointed) that they spend so much money on production and Super Bowl ad buys but they still don’t have a very clear proposition. I’m not sure how they’re different from HotJobs or Career Builder and I bet they are all losing business to LinkedIn and Facebook as we speak. I have little doubt that the next big wave of employment sites will be built on social networking.

Part of the problem is that Monster only sort of cares about the end user. They need the users, but they actually make money by convincing companies to post jobs. Putting the paying customers first creates a rather crap user experience for anyone who wants to actually use the site. For instance, I just typed in “strategy” as the job field and San Francisco as the city. I was inundated with 100 postings by Deloitte, and that’s just in San Francisco! Anyone who knows me knows that I wouldn’t be a good fit at Deloitte, but then again, Monster didn’t ask me anything about myself. Where is the next generation of sites that will challenge the business model and create a real advantage?

That said, this ad discovered over at brandflakesforbreakfast is still pretty.

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