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Goodby Promotes The Orange Underground and Cheetos

In advertising, agency, Branding, Brands, communications, Consumers, marketing on January 17, 2008 at 11:29 am

Wow. I’ve seen a lot of advertising and I’ve seen a lot of rebranding. Sometimes tepid, sometimes extreme, but I’m really impressed by the new work that Goodby Silverstein is putting out for Cheetos. Reflecting a strategic shift to move the brand from a kids dominated audience to a more adult one, this work is inspired, quirky and entertaining, drawing its audience into the Orange Underground where random acts of Cheetosness are inspired and encouraged.  Not only is it well produced and on message, it’s a nice way to engage an audience and stimulate consumer generated content in a creative way.

  1. Some creative directors today think that they can add a microsite to the list of deliverables and check off the consumer engagement box. The creative team for Cheetos has spent a great deal of time to tell a unique and interesting story. Goodby has made the microsite interesting again and found a perfect integration between consumer generated content and leading the user down the “rabbit hole.”

    Thanks for sharing this, I haven’t seen it anywhere else.

    Griffin Farley

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Ben and Griffin.

    The Orange Underground isn’t interested in replicating the stuffy marketing drivel perpetrated on the world for too many years by The Man.

    We just want to play and leave the world a slightly more orange place.

    So as Petitioning Orange Pranklings who clearly get it, please join the movement and help us RAoC!

    Thanks again from the Orange Underground!


  3. […] to adding a comment to the post I wrote about Orange Underground, Cheet01 also commented on blogs HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and […]

  4. Cheet01 is absolutely correct, everyone needs to loosen up and have some fun. This isn’t about vandalism or even terrorism with cheetos as some may think, everyone has gotten so stiff from the monotony of boring lives, that nobody can take a joke anymore. This is exactly what the world needs and people need to start doing it. I’m going to have my RAoC posted on YouTube by tommorrow.

  5. […] started to reach mainstream business, with companies like Cisco using it for a product launch and Cheetos getting all Web […]

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