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Is 2008 the Year of the Tear?

In communications, research, trends on January 16, 2008 at 9:30 am

Originally uploaded by Daniel Greene

America seems to be going soft all of a sudden. We started with the
carefully crafted YouTube clip in late 2007 of FanBoy sobbing over
Brittney and her heartbreaking situation. That was a nice way to end
2007; it’s always better to cry at the end of things to help you move
on. I thought that was it, a little isolated tear-shedding and we could
move on.

Not a chance. 2008 kicked off with Hillary Clinton getting misty-eyed upon the electronic screen, a not-so-subtle display of humanity that some
credit for helping her win in NH. And then, even more shockingly,
Terrell Owens of the Dallas Cowboys gets choked up during an interview
as he defends Tony Romo against the inevitable onslaught of the media.
T.O., really? Mr. Brash, Mr. Bling, Mr. Historically, I’d be more likely
to blame my quarterback, my coach, my jockstrap manufacturer… suddenly
having an emotional breakdown in his quarterback’s defense?

What’s up with the crying folks? Are things that bad or is this just the
current trend in PR to show some humanity? And whatever happened to our
warriors being warriors? I don’t want to picture a potential future
President in tears. I don’t even want to picture a former President in
tears. Except Carter. That’s actually pretty easy, and somehow okay.

Who’s next, Ben Berneke crying over the mortgage crunch? Bush crying
because he just realized that he’s been the decider this whole time? Simon Cowell goes
to therapy on a reality TV show? We’ll have to wait and see, but I
predict more tears to be shed before the end of the year and a
subsequent spike in the national sentimentality index.

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