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Dear CNN, why are you making me get a Tivo?

In advertising, Brands, communications, marketing, strategy, trends on January 4, 2008 at 9:43 am

My dog watches TV?
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I accept a few basic truths about my TV watching habits. One of them is that I watch some shows that I probably shouldn’t. I’m not talking about HBO late night, but programs like 60 Minutes and Antique Roadshow. I watch them knowing that I’m not in their core demographic but it feels sort of like taking a long drive through America and sticking my head out the window. I just enjoy the scenery, the wind in my face and feeling closer to my roots. When I’m watching these shows or the occasional movie on the We network, you can advertise whatever you want to me. I won’t buy it but I’ll forgive you because I know that I’m only a voyeur and that I probably make up less than 5% of your audience.

But CNN, what you are doing to me is unforgivable. I know that cable news networks on the whole are a bit older. According to The State of the News Media 2004 , the median age for CNN viewers is 59.6. Yes, I’m under 60 but CNN, I still like you. You’ve added all the fancy graphics, you’ve put Wolf Blitzer in the Situation Room, you’ve expanded the role of Anderson Cooper and given him hokey cardboard charts as if he’s in YouTube spoof of an HP ad and yet…your commercials indicate that I appreciate poorly produced messages for life insurance featuring Alex Trebek and Wilfred Brimley. Or if I don’t, that I should probably consider buying some anyway because the NutriSystem ads suggest that all I do is sit on the couch and eat while watching infomercials. Which is convenient because they’ll deliver food right to my door.

So you see my issue. I can stop watching Anderson Cooper and leave the Situation Room, or I can leave your advertisements behind and get a Tivo. Or you could get a better team in ad sales. Which do you suggest?

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